COVID-19 Update: C4PT now offering clinic based and online tele- play therapy sessions, contact 1300 424 752 to make an appointment - all referrals welcome

Introducing the C4PT Blog and Podcast!

Welcome to all our regular followers and those interested in child centred play therapy! My name is Kylie Ellison, I am the founder of Centre for Play Therapy, and I will be assisting with providing blog posts on our website to discuss various topics related to play therapy, parenting support, children and families, mental health issues as well as training and professional practice topics. I am keen for your feedback, so please feel free to contact me at if you would like a question answered or would like a specific topic covered.

Please also watch this space for our upcoming podcasts, with links that will be posted to this blog for you to check out!

We look forward to reaching more of our amazing followers and supporters with topics relevant to you in the coming months!

Kylie xx