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Centre for Play Therapy Training

Introductory workshop in Child Centred Play Therapy - Workshop 1 

This introductory workshop course- Workshop 1 provides an overview of the clinical skills required to engage in child centred play therapy with clients. Further workshops provide intensive education and opportunities to put theory into practice. Conducted through completion of an online workbook and attendance at a one day practical intensive workshop, this workshop is ideal for anyone wanting to learn more about child centred play therapy.

The following topics are covered in the first workshop:

  • History and benefits of play- the meaning of play for children
  • Theory of play therapy
  • Key concepts of child centred play therapy
  • Characteristics of the play therapist
  • The play room and materials
  • Beginning therapy: The importance of the relationship with the child
  • Basic skills introduction: Characteristics of facilitative responses and therapeutic limit setting

Those working in a clinical capacity with children would benefit from attending this training.

For further information about upcoming introductory workshops in your area, please contact us at


Clinical Training Program

In 2018 Centre for Play Therapy launched our clinical training program in child centred play therapy. The objective of this training is to equip those with a relevant undergraduate degree to obtain further training in the area of child centred play therapy in order to apply this knowledge and skill to clinical practice. Our vision for providing child centred play therapy training in our local communities is to ensure practitioners are equipped to provide quality play therapy services to children across Australia. The current program requires participants to attend four workshops in order to apply for professional membership upon completion.


For those interested in applying to attend our clinical training program, please complete our registration form HERE. Upon completion of this form please email to to register. Please note that a completed undergraduate degree in Human Services related field or Education is required to apply for Workshops 2-4. Spaces are limited so please contact us for further information.  


Upon completion of the 200 hours Certificate training program, participants are eligible to apply for registration with the association, Play Therapy Practitioners Association. For further information on membership requirements please see the association website.  

Workshop content

Our clinical training program requires participants to attend and complete four workshops which cover the core skills and competencies required to practice as a child centred play therapist in Australia. For further information about the specific topics covered in each workshop, please contact us at to receive a free information booklet.  


Our fees for the clinical training program as of 1st January 2019 are as follows:

  • Workshop 1- $495 (plus GST)  per person (including workbook, morning tea and lunch, online module and training support)
  • Workshop 2- $1495 (plus GST) per person (including workbook, morning tea and lunch, online module and training support)
  • Workshop 3 -$1495 (plus GST) per person (including workbook, morning tea and lunch, online module and training support)
  • Workshop 4 -$1495 (plus GST) per person (including workbook, morning tea and lunch, online module and training support)
  • We also offer an Advanced Clinical Skills workshop can be completed after Workshop 2-4 have been successfully completed This is an extensive of the skills that have been gained from Workshop 1-4.

Fees are payable before each workshop, and payment options including payment plans are available upon request. Please contact us to discuss payment options if required.

Trainer qualifications and Certificate program credentials

All trainers engaged to provide our clinical program have completed an undergraduate degree in psychology, counselling or similar, and have completed postgraduate training in child centred play therapy including through Play Therapy Australia and Centre for Play Therapy. All trainers are registered with their relevant professional body as well as Play Therapy Practitioners Association. Our training is a non- accredited clinical program which provides participants the skills to implement specifically child centred play therapy into their current work or training.

 Full Clinical Training Program and other workshops 2021 Training Dates: 
Brisbane (Online)- Program 1
W/Shop 1 -
 1st February 2021-
W/Shop 2 - 23rd- 25th February 2021
W/Shop 3 - 20th  - 22nd April 2021
W/Shop 4 -  18th- 20th May 2021
Brisbane (Online)- Program 2
W/Shop 1- 8th February 2021 
W/Shop 2 23th- 25th March 2021
W/Shop 3- 4th - 6th May 2021
W/Shop 4- 15th - 17th June 2021
 Brisbane (Online) -Program 3
W/Shop 1 - 12th July 2021
W/Shop 2- 24th -26th August
W/Shop 3- 5th- 7th October 2021
W/Shop 4- 16th- 18th November 2021
 Full Clinical Training Program 2021 Training Dates: 
Advanced Clinical Program 
Workshop 28th-29th January 2021
Please contact us if you are interested in registering for our 2021 clinical training programs.
Please note due to current COVID-19 restrictions our clinical program will be delivered online.
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Play Therapy Training
Play Therapy course
Play Therapy Training
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